In an announcement this week related to FY 2016 enforcement statistics, the SEC reported another increase and outlined its continued robust efforts.  In 2016, the SEC filed 868 enforcement actions besting its 2015 total by 61 actions and 2014 by 113 actions.  Although enforcement actions were up, the SEC announced that it had obtained judgments and orders totaling more than $4 billion, a sum consistent with amounts obtained in 2014 and 2015 ($4.16 billion and $4.19 billion respectively).  Enforcement actions for FY 2016 included the most cases ever initiated against or involving investment advisors or investment companies totaling 258, approximately 30% of the total enforcement actions filed.  FCPA related enforcement actions also rose to an all-time high of 21 and whistleblowers were paid distributions of $57 million in 2016.   Based on the last three years, it seems safe to say that SEC enforcement is continuing to ramp up with no signs of slowing down.