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Lisa M. Lanham focuses her practice on fintech and payments solutions within the financial services sector. Her role encompasses work with a diverse range of clients, including residential and commercial mortgage brokers, lenders, servicers, loan fulfilment providers, student, consumer, and solar loan lenders and servicers, marketplace lenders, and entities offering retail installment contracts for consumer goods. Moreover, she advises investors engaged in secondary market activities. Lisa also extends her support to emerging fintech firms, helping them to comply with necessary state licensing requirements and develop products in these realms while keeping regulatory demands in check.

A large part of Lisa’s role involves working closely with regulators such as the New York State Department of Financial Services to facilitate her clients’ pursuit of necessary business licenses and approvals. This not only includes completing audits and examinations but also covering intricate disclosure issues and reporting changes of ownership, executive management, and qualifying individuals. In addition to these tasks, Lisa was involved in the development of the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System & Registry (NMLS) 2.0 system. She handles virtually all aspects of the NMLS, including submissions and amendments of company application forms and electronic surety bonds.

Her contributions extend to representation and regulatory counsel in areas such as structured finance, securitization, secondary market transactions, licensing matters in mergers and acquisitions transactions, regulatory agency coordination for large-scale multistate transactions, and various financial service operations. In addressing state licensing matters, Lisa has contributed to notable projects such as assisting international crypto exchanges enter into the U.S. market by setting up compliant subsidiaries.

Lisa’s work also includes the reporting of material licensing changes, providing technical reviews, analyzing proposed business models in the context of regulatory compliance issues, assisting with the development of policies and procedures for regulatory compliance concerns, negotiating findings before examination report finalization, and managing international licensing issues amidst dynamic regulatory environment.

 Admitted in New York and Pennsylvania. Not admitted in Florida.

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